Baby boomers are starting to leave home and travel more and more.




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Cruise and Air Travel Information for Baby Boomers

American Baby Boomers are in the highest-earning years of their careers, and many of them are using that extra income for travel. Some seek adventure travel, like hiking in Nepal or scuba diving off the coast of Australia.

Others seek the pre-planned calm of an ocean cruise to a Caribbean or Alaska destination, or perhaps Hawaii or the Mediterranean. On a cruise everything is taken care of by the attentive staff, so the passengers can relax and enjoy the amenities of the ship. Optional shore excursions let you experience the ports where the ship docks.

Many boomers purchase or rent RVs for travel around the United States, although the high fuel consumption can be a financial burden. Other boomers buy airline tickets and fly to their destinations, wherever they may be. Airline tickets come in a wide variety of prices, and it behooves you to buy early or late in order to get the best price to your travel destination.

Other popular modes of travel include the family car, Amtrak train and buses.

However you travel, have a great time!