Field effect TV 
provides bright flat panel television viewing




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Field Effect Displays are a promising technology for large, energy-efficient flat panel computer and television displays. Also known as "carbon display" or "carbon TV," they compete with LCD, plasma and DLP displays.

Most homeowners have at least one large-screen TV, and field-effect monitors are competing to be the display of choice.

More and more churches, synagogues are installing television equipment to enhance the worship service for their members. You can read more about video church ministry and how video technology is changing the way we worship at this site.

A different kind of high technology is embodied in high-efficiency toilets. Thomas Crapper would be proud of the changes that modern computer simulations have permitted in the design of toilets that use an incredible 1.28 gallons per flush, which is a 20% decrease from the 1.6 gallon toilets used in all new construction in the United States. The new HETs cut water use and wastewater costs, and have been carefully designed so they work better than the 1.6 gallon models.

At one time ethanol was thought by many to be the automotive fuel of the future, but more recently the high energy cost of producing it from corn has diminished its popularity. Biomass-sourced biocrude oil is now believed to be a better substitute. Biocrude is a synthetic crude oil made from wood scrap, sawgrass, corn cobbs, algae or almost any other biomass crop.