Recreation opportunities abound for homeowners.




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Recreation & Hobbies for Homeowners

Many homewoners, including Baby Boomers and retirees, like to establish and maintain flower and vegetable gardens in their yards.

Others, particularly from North Carolina and South Carolina, like to buy a boat and enjoy the area lakes and rivers. When they are not boating they may be playing golf in the many golf courses that dot the landscape.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are popular locations for gambling, but certainly not the only ones. Indian reservations often have casinos with blackjack, poker, roulette, craps and a variety of other games.

An old card game which has developed a new following is bunco, also spelled bunko or buncco. The game is played mostly by adult women attending day parties at each other's homes, and it features a variable set of rules.

The final Saturday of each February has been reserved for special wine Open That Bottle Night. Couples and groups of friends get together in homes and other locations to uncork those special bottles of wine, champagne and spirits. It is a night of shared memories.

A surprising number of homeowners are bird watching / birding enthusiasts. Perhaps they began watching the birds in their back yards and gardens, then began to think of the large number of additional species of birds in other parts of their state and nation, and even in other parts of the world. Bird watching is a very popular hobby. Soon they had the needed birding supplies, like bird watching binoculars, birding scopes, cameras with telephoto lenses, PDAs and software, hiking shoes and all the other needed supplies for birders. After awhile it seems they start spending their time and money on birding tours to places like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Texas, etc. that have many species of wild birds.

Homeowners have many recreational opportunities available.