Homeowners rent portable toilets for garden weddings, 
and many work at home in copywriting or ebook publishing




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Business Information.

Internet sites can belong to both physical businesses and to web-based businesses. One example of the former would be a site that has listings of local septic tank pumping and maintenance companies. Any rural homeowner will need this information at some point or another. Another would be a site telling you where you could rent porta-potties for a large event, like a garden wedding at a large homestead.

Another kind of business appealing to homeowners would sell burglar alarms and security systems. These could be marketed to the do-it-yourself crowd, as well as to small businesses.

And a person wanting to purchase a house in the beautiful mountains of the Appalachian Mountain range would certainly be interested in a website that listed houses for sale in the mountains of Virginia with locations and prices.

A totally different category of online businesses would be those that deal in intangible products, like information. An example might be a company that sells low-cost digital photographs like stock photography. A homeowner could select a photo from such a company, print it at Wal-Mart and hang it on the wall of the house living room or great room. If the photograph needed some retouching he could send it to a photo retouching company that could Photoshop it however desired to match the furniture.

Whether a homeowner or a renter, a person in business could use the services of a business image consultant to boost their sales, and another image consultant could help them improve their approach to sales.

A homeowner who wanted to work from home could become a writer. Some stay-at-home writers do advertising copywriting, which can be very lucrative and bring in a good income. Others write copy for e-books, which are books on a variety of topics that are sold online (usually in pdf format). Still other homeowners might find just the decorating item or accessory that they wanted by shopping at an online eBay store that carries a wide variety of merchandise.