Many homeowners want to protect the environment 
by burning ethanol fuel, but Big Oil makes id difficult.




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Automotive Information

Many recent models of American automobiles can burn E85 fuel (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline), compared with relatively few imports. The American car makers do this in order to avoid fines for low selling a car or truck which technically can burn the fuel, even though it may never see a drop of E85 during its life.

So, why can't the car ever get a sip of E85? According to an article in the 4-2-2007 Wall St. Journal, Big Oil makes it difficult for service stations to sell the stuff. Their rules include: Can't sell it from the same pump as gasoline, can't sell it under the same large canopy as the regular gas pumps, can't use a gas-company credit card to pay for it and can't advertise its availability.

So while you may see lots of feel-good advertising from Big Oil about how they are working to protect the environment, keep in mind that they most of all want to sell gasoline.