Septic tanks and leachfields are used by country and suburban dwellers. A septic tank




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Septic tanks and leach fields are somewhat of a mystery to most people. Used by millions of American households and millions more in other nations, they provide onsite wastewater treatment. As long as they work properly most of us forget that they are even there, a distinct difference from those on regular central sewer systems who receive monthly "sewer" bills. But when our septic tanks start failing, with pools of stinky water in the yard or drains in the house that no longer work, then we are jerked back to have to take care of your septic tank or it will quit taking care of you.

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About the Authors

Like any topic, there are recognized experts in the field of septic tank systems. Three of those experts are Mary Garyman, Roger Machmeier and David Venhuizen. Ms. Gayman's father was a pioneer in the scientific research of septic systems, and Mary has continued his work as a researcher and consultant. Dr. Machmeier is a professional engineer who writes articles for septic-tank professionals. Mr. Venuizen is a licensed engineer who advises governmental agencies on the best methods of on-site wastewater treatment.